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Local Attraction

  • 25 Km North from RESORT on the way to Basantapur , 1. 5 km a head we come to Tuke deurali and after walking distance of 12 km one can reach to very famous Pathibhara temple of goddess Durga .
  • Panoramic view of Bhojpur, Taplejung , Terathum, Sankuwashaba, Illam is seen from this height.
  • When one heads from Pathibhara temple after walking for 8 km one can reach to Tinjure , Milke which is known as capital of Laligurans (our national flower )  , where one can see  21 varieties of laliguras . Further ahead there comes Gufa pokhari.
  • On the south east part of resort there is Bhirgaon, one can reach there by motor bike as road is rough there. Mountain biking is one of the activities for thrill seekers here.
  • 6 km a head in the western side of resort there is British Pakribash Agriculture Farm which is famous for agriculture products and livestock.
  • 25 km south of resort we can reach to Chintang Devi temple. The specialty of this temple is that it opens in the evening only and the priest of this is Rai .The temple is nestled in the tree and one astonishing fact is that till now the fact  about the species of  tree is mystery.
  • 25 km west from Resort one can reach Arun Valley Agricultural Farm which is also the way to Bhojpur. At Arun River one can opt for Rafting, Swimming and Playing volleyball on the sand on the bank of river bank. The climate of this area is hot most of the time.
  • At the back face of the resort there is dense forest where we can have nature walk, bird watching activities. The most favorable month for this sightseeing fall on March, April.
  • From the south east face of resort , panoramic view of Bhirgaon, Tamar , Dhankuta is seen
  • Similarly Spectacular view of mountains, Arun River , Jitpur Valley , Hatti Kharka Landscape is seen  from the North face of the Resort .



As part of the Sustainable Tourism Initiative, Horizon Mountain Resort will focus on promoting Farm Tourism. 10 ropanis of land will be dedicated to agro based farming, piggery farming, horticulture and tea farming. Horizon Mountain Resort will also conduct special Agro tours to Pakribas Agro Research center and local farms. Tea Tourism to Gurase Tea Estate is also part of activity.

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